Tuesday, January 10, 2012

would that make this, two?

I was at a meeting last with with some ladies from church and they were talking about blogs. I'm always jealous when people are talking about blogs and blogging, or reading other people's blogs. They turned to me and said "Crystal you should start one, they're so great." I hung my head and mumbled "I have one..." and they got all excited, but it didn't really last. I had to explain that I was probably the worst blogger that ever was. I started a blog, and at the end of the blog told everyone (all three of you) to come back because I was that great. Instead, I never came back.

I read that one entry before coming to write this... and realized that I wrote it four days before giving birth to Kapri. 15 months ago. That's a long time to leave something I had just started. I guess I didn't realize it, or maybe I should have started the blog after I gave birth to her. You know how they say that you don't make something a habit until you've thought of it multiple times? I haven't really read blogs, and so writing in one that one time didn't make it habitual for me. I'm hoping that this being the second time and the fact that I'm not having a baby in a few days MIGHT help me remember to come back.

So, here's to coming back and having something interesting to read about!