Tuesday, January 10, 2012

would that make this, two?

I was at a meeting last with with some ladies from church and they were talking about blogs. I'm always jealous when people are talking about blogs and blogging, or reading other people's blogs. They turned to me and said "Crystal you should start one, they're so great." I hung my head and mumbled "I have one..." and they got all excited, but it didn't really last. I had to explain that I was probably the worst blogger that ever was. I started a blog, and at the end of the blog told everyone (all three of you) to come back because I was that great. Instead, I never came back.

I read that one entry before coming to write this... and realized that I wrote it four days before giving birth to Kapri. 15 months ago. That's a long time to leave something I had just started. I guess I didn't realize it, or maybe I should have started the blog after I gave birth to her. You know how they say that you don't make something a habit until you've thought of it multiple times? I haven't really read blogs, and so writing in one that one time didn't make it habitual for me. I'm hoping that this being the second time and the fact that I'm not having a baby in a few days MIGHT help me remember to come back.

So, here's to coming back and having something interesting to read about!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I will call you "one"

Where to start?

I guess, with why this blog has come about. I have wanted to do something like this for a while. I see quite a few friends and family updating blogs and think to myself "What would I write about?" Last night we had some friends over. One of which has been a close friend of mine for just over four years now. The other, her new husband. We were talking about blogs because he's started one in hopes of getting his artwork out there. Then I remembered that we had a blog that we started for my husband almost a year ago (it will have been a year on Oct 20th, actually).

Her husband (Ray) said something along the lines of "you do so many things, Crystal... you should blog about it" and I said "yeah, maybe I should".

So here I am, there you are and here's hoping that I don't bore you too quickly.

The name of my blog... yes. Well, Shea is my middle name and I thought I was being clever. It's suppossed to be a play on the word shame, but I should have realized that if going through life with that middle name taught me anything, it's that more than 80% of people pronounce it incorrectly. It will probably come off to few as shame and most as SHE-AM. It makes no sense, which makes it hilarious to me. I used to have to respond to people by saying "no, like the butter... shea." THEN they got it.

Anyway, on to bigger but probably not better. Actually, not really bigger either; things.

I am pregnant, today is my due date. Which means absolutely nothing to the little girl inside me. She's warm, fed, and asleep at this particular moment in time. She probably hears all the chaos that goes on in daily outside life and is all "uh, yeah, I'll pass" on the whole being born thing. Who can blame her?

My son (Gentry) was born 2 years ago tomorrow. Yup, that's right, her due date is the day that I went into labour with him. He, like his sister to be, took his time. I was induced on the 11th day overdue with him, but he made it to day 12 by taking 27 hours to make an entrance.

She'll probably be born in October with my luck.

I married a gorgeous man named David. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on July 21st of this year. David puts up with me in the best way, and I am so blessed to have found someone that is so willing and able to do that for me. I'm pretty difficult when it comes to a lot of things. Eating, planning, organizing, living... hah. You name it, I'm probably as anal as they come about it. I act like I'm not, I pretend to be easy going and laid back; maybe I am. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, but I know I'm harder on him and that it can't be easy. I am a very fussy eater. I know that I've offended some of his family and many of our friends with what I will and won't eat. Sorry.

For my eighteenth birthday my grandmother bought me a little "gag" present (or maybe it wasn't a gag) which was a childrens plate that came with 3 seperate compartments for food. I used it for 3 years until it had to be tossed out from being over used. I have never been able to let my food touch. Ever. If my mashed potatoes & gravy mix with my corn I will separate the parts that are touching and not eat it. I don't eat things that I can't pronounce. I won't eat anything that I haven't eaten before which means that trying new things just doesn't happen. Unless I'm pregnant (which we recently discovered as true), or unless David asks me with his big blue steel eyes. I hate that.

One of our first dates he took me to one of his favourite places to eat. SUSHI. SUSHI...! Why did it have to be sushi? I was still trying to make a great impression on this guy and he takes me for sushi, knowing full well that I've never tried it. What he didn't know was that many a person had tried to get me to eat sushi before and I refused. We sat down and I ordered the chicken teriyaki bento box. No sushi. He... he ordered extra sushi. Glare. All I could do was glare at the three different kinds of sushi in front of us. He asked me with those eyes I spoke of early. First roll (which I think was called a California roll) went in my mouth. Five to ten chews later it came right back out into a napkin. He said something like "Okay, so let's try a different one then..." and passed me a different kind of sushi. I'm sure that I blocked out the rest of the date, because I can't remember the name of that piece/roll or whatever it is you call it. I don't know how long it was in my mouth. All I know is that it came out into a napkin like the other and somehow another thing of sushi was put before me and all I saw were eyes. Not fish eyes or anything. A more dangerous type, the blue steel kind. That piece wasn't in my mouth long, he actually asked me to spit it out from what he tells me (as like I said before, blur).

He said "that was awesome." I guess it impressed him enough to tell EVERYONE that I didn't actually eat the sushi and my poor table manners were adorable, not to mention the fact that I tried it three times which meant I was a keeper. Who knew that chewed up food in a napkin could secure a future with a man? I win even when I lose. That was awesome.

I forgot what I was originally going to write this entry about, ate some chips and now I remember. Pregnancy really does mess with your memory. I don't think I should keep writing though, because this has already gone on long enough and if I make my first entry too long... will you come back? I probably won't come back. Just kidding. I think.

I wanted to put a smiley face at the end of that. Sad.

(15 minutes later) I've decided to wait and let you know WHY I'm so interesting for my next entry. Remember, I was told that I should blog because I've got that much going on. That is not coming from me, but someone else, which means that it's true. Which also means that you should believe it and come back.